Telling Authentic Stories

Drama is a form of communication that can be of service in the Kingdom of God to tell powerful stories about the human condition.

Drama Statement

We provide students with opportunities that cultivate and showcase creativity and self-expression while challenging them to a deeper understanding of God’s world. Theater is an important part of the educational program that transforms lives to change our world.

At times, truthful storytelling requires the portrayal of attitudes and actions that are contrary to our understanding of God’s desire for us. Our belief is that the story challenges us to think critically and wrestle with life and human brokenness. Engaging in this challenge strengthens our ability to serve the world as God’s instruments of healing and hope.

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2022 godspell cast

The High School and Middle School engages students in drama productions annually. The drama program varies among the grade level in terms of the degree of student involvement and number of productions.

  • High School – Traditionally have one fall play, one winter musical and one spring showcase per year.
  • Middle School – Students perform one theatrical production each year.

You can purchase season tickets online.

A Season Pass gives you access for up to FOUR Lancaster Mennonite Main Stage shows each year. Choose from one middle show play, two high school plays and one musical. Buy membership now and pick your dates later!

LM Production

LMH Fall Play

Join LMH drama department for their fall production of George Orwell’s Animal Farm November 2-4, 2023.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Fall Play Graphic

LMH Spring 2023 Show Recap

Stop Time

Lancaster Mennonite High School presented “Stop Time” as our spring show this year.

Summary: “Stop Time” began with a look at our work and the things people do to keep themselves occupied during the day such as baking pies, assembling cars, brokering business deals and flying airplanes.  The second half began with the wish to stop time and revert to childhood when life was a bit more carefree…or is it?  The musical showcase ended with the admonition to seize the day.  The show featured some familiar tunes such as “Nine to Five” and “Footloose” and some unfamiliar songs like “What’s Inside” and “Some Things Are Meant to Be.”

Check out the photo gallery attached to the Show Recap!

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