LM's Locust Grove Campus provides

Grade PreK-8 Education

In a dynamic and diverse community

Located along Old Philadelphia Pike, one mile east of the Lancaster Campus, Locust Grove serves students from grades PreK-8 through a dynamic and diverse learning community. The school maintains a reputation for educational excellence through integrated core subjects and outstanding fine arts at all levels. The campus seeks to have warm ecumencial spirit, valuing students of differing denominational backgrounds, racial/ethnic groups, and abilities. Locust Grove is also one of the few schools in Lancaster County that offers Spanish Immersion at the elementary level in addition to regular classes.


Students have the opportunity each week to work through the design process as they collaborate, innovate, tinker, create, build, prototype, and problem solve real world challenges with their hands.

Fine Arts

A vibrant fine arts program offers opportunities for students to explore their creative abilities through participation in annual music programs, instrumental music lessons and art classes with music/art specialists.

Spanish Immersion

Students enrolling in Spanish Immersion more quickly and thoroughly learn the Spanish language. Students develop proficiency in the language by hearing and using it in regular subject areas rather than by studying the language by itself.

Teachers Jenna Longenecker and Melinda Stevens speak about the benefits of integrating art in the classroom, and the importance of the Fine Arts Program offered at the Locust Grove of Lancaster Mennonite.