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Share your memories of New Danville & Locust Grove Campuses

Use the online form to submit your memories and photos, and view the photo pages to see past photos and memory galleries.

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Remember With Us!

We invite you to submit photos and personal memories of your favorite traditions, teachers, and stories from your time as a student, employee, parent or community member connected to Locust Grove Mennonite School or New Danville Mennonite School campuses over their 80 year histories.

You can submit your memories by clicking the button below “Locust Grove Memories” or “New Danville Memories”, and completing a simple online form.

Campus Photos & Memory Pages

Then the Lancaster Mennonite team members will compile and post your submitted memories and photos to a website page specific for each campus – see page links below.

We have already started to collect photos and some quotes from those connected to the school communities over the decades. Click “New Danville Photos” or “Locust Grove Photos” to see the compiled photos and memories from each campus. Each has its’ own online page with dedicated photos and memories.

You can always submit more via email to:

Enjoy reminiscing about these special places and communities!