A time for commitment, challenge, community and celebration

Each student receives Bible teaching and time spent in chapel. The purpose is to call the school to commitment, challenge, community and celebration. This time of worship and cultural events invites students to personal faith, Christ-like love, peacemaking, and service. Chapels give attention to the rhythms of the school year and the cycle of the Christian year.

Spiritual Life

*This year chapel has looked a little different due to COVID. When the weather is nice we go outside so that we can all be outside socially distanced. During the winter we have a maximum of two classes in the gym socially distanced while the other classes watch via Zoom from their classrooms. We rotate who gets to be in the gym each week. 

Faith and LM core values are infused into the total program, along with separate Bible lessons. Chapels add an extra dimension of group worship, as well as input from local pastors, inspirational speakers, singing groups and other resources that broaden the students’ awareness of the broader Church.