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Melinda Stevens, LMS Teacher and Parent

I feel extremely fortunate that, at LMS, I do not have pressure on me to meet PSSA scores or to 'teach to the test'...

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Lynette Eby, LMS Alumna and Parent

Most of all, I believe that LMS is a safe place for my children...

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Hannah Forwood

I transferred to a public school to see what it was like. It really opened my eyes to what LMS offered.

The atmosphere is the biggest thing I noticed; the negative influences are not as prevalent at LMS. ... I missed having daily reminders of God throughout my day

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Devin Goff

Had I not moved from my old school, I would still be with the wrong crowd and probably would not have kept going to church.

Now that I've come to Lancaster Mennonite, I've gotten into the right crowd, met the right people and I definitely feel that I've made friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Halsey Thompson

When you meet the teachers here, you are going to be surprised because they are all really welcoming and care how you do.

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Aleana Glah

I made a lot of different friends
at Lancaster Mennonite High School...

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Dan Baker

I surrounded myself with other strong students ...I wanted to take classes with people who would drive me to be successful.

I appreciated the tie-in of academics, co-curriculars and spiritual life.

Natalie Brubaker

Community, diversity and service. When I reflect on my LMS experience, these three concepts prove to be very significant. In addition to the dynamic academic environment LMS has offered me, I have also been challenged to engage in a supportive community of students, celebrate diversity and pursue service opportunities.

Spending the first six year of my education at a different school, I am able to appreciate/evaluate LMS in the context of other educational institutions. While most Christian schools are relatively small, I have found the size of LMS to be a comfortable medium; large enough to offer a significant amount of opportunities and extra-curricular activities and small enough for every student to be acknowledged as more than a number.

Estella Fan Xinyuan

The teachers at LMH had a great impact on my life.

They helped me build my self-confidence and encouraged me to dream and work towards what I want to be in the future.

LMH is an extraordinary school, which helped me succeed by believing in this principle: 'If you can dream it, you can do it.'

Clark Stoltzfus

The education I received at LMH prepared me to succeed at an academically rigorous college like Franklin and Marshall. I especially felt well prepared in math and science.

Athletics were also an important part of my time at LMH, and I was part of some very successful teams. The benefits of good coaching and learning how to work as a team definitely extend into my career today.

I feel the most important thing I took away from LMH was that the friendships I developed have extended well beyond my time spent there, which I really feel is unique in relation to other high schools... the network of Lancaster business professionals who are LMH alumni is a large group, and these leaders are active in their communities. This network of leaders has been a valuable resource in my life and my career since the day I graduated.

Grace Jemison

The teachers in the high school are always willing to discuss topics without you outside of class and are willing to be challenged or questioned.

I feel that I have gained leadership skills, an identity, fervor for learning, and dedication to service from this special community. The atmosphere manages to retain a definite sense of fun, and the opportunities to get involved are endless.

Also, LMS has shaped me as a thoughtful Christ-follower through its constant provocation of spiritual thoughts and Biblical teachings.

Moniqua Acosta

At my former school, I was just getting by with the bare minimum and not applying myself to my full potential. At LMS, something clicked. I was intrigued by the delight the teachers had to teach their subjects and to teach me as a person. A seed was planted for learning and sharing with others.

Thanks to LMS, I went on to get a Bachelor's degree in social work and then a Master's degree (MSW) from Temple University. I also spent some time in Honduras to share what I learned with others.

I can say wholeheartedly that I am truly blessed; the seed that was planted in my soul many years ago at LMS continues to blossom.

John & Melissa Mattilio

LMS teachers and administrators are a positive influence on our children. They interact with them as mentors, not rule-enforcers. LMS is a school system that encourages parent involvement and we feel we are part of a school family. LMS challenges students to be role models to others and agents of change as world citizens.

The best part about Lancaster Mennonite is the positive atmosphere. LMS is small enough that everyone can be treated as an individual, but large enough to provide students with opportunities offered by bigger schools.

Yokabed Jekale

LMH is a place where diversity and service is important. The variety of sports, clubs, and practical aspects of the school makes Lancaster Mennonite school stand out. The chapels are very enlightening, and spiritually enriching. I have grown in my relationship with God. I have become a better person.

The diversity is what has made me love it even more. I have made friends from all around the world.

I can truly see God working through my life in Lancaster Mennonite School.

Juan David Gomez

The Christian environment, the high quality of the faculty, staff and students stand out.

LMH offers so many different options for academic courses and athletics.

I recommend LMH to those who are looking for a high quality education and a friendly place at the same time.

Ty Bair

Everybody that I came in contact with there didn't just preach the word, they lived it.

The teachers really cared. You weren't just this kid that was in the class. They really cared about your future and your relationship with the Lord. That stuck with me with how I teach kids.

I'm a Blazer through and through, and getting an award helps to send that message out that I'm doing what I think God put me on the earth to do. If you're not helping others, I think you're just wasting time.