In a banner year for LMH vocalists, fourteen students qualified for Lancaster County Chorus out of 18 who auditioned. This is an exceptional number of students for one school and very likely the most ever from LMH. Typically, three to six students qualify. Last year, four students qualified. All are members of LMH’s select vocal group, the Campus Chorale, under the direction of Marcella Hostetler.

Although the students are the ones formally recognized for their achievement, this level of vocal excellence in a small school is not simply a happy coincidence. The presence of so many of her students in County Chorus reflects Ms. Hostetter’s ability to maximize the gifts and talents of her students and motivate them to excel.

The following LM students were selected to participate in County Chorus through a rigorous auditioning process open to students from all Lancaster County schools:

  • Soprano 1 – Maya Dula, Emily Stevens
  • Soprano 2 – Paige Keener
  • Alto 1 – Mackenzie Brubaker, Olivia Kim
  • Alto 2 – Alexandra Butz, Kayla Sauder
  • Tenor 1 – Conner McCall, Joseph Jing, Nathan Pauls, Ian Martin, Harley Foster
  • Bass 2 – Ben Millar, Peter Millar

The students in the picture are (back row, l-r): Maya Dula, Paige Keener, Peter MIllar, Joseph Jing, Ben Millar, Nathan Pauls, Alexandra Butz. Front row: Emily Stevens, Olivia Kim, Ian Martin, Conner McCall,Harley Foster, Kayla Sauder and Mackenzie Brubaker.