Landis Homes recently announced Seunga Park as the 2022 Art Student Scholarship Award recipient. Her artwork was selected by the resident art committee to hang at the retirement community.

Seunga used her time as a volunteer at a Korean Culture School as inspiration, “While I spent time teaching children as a volunteer at a Korean culture school, there were many things to learn from them. Children have no prejudice and hold pure eyes for the world. Through this artwork, I created this with the hope that these big children would shine in a desolate city and that colors come to life wherever they are. “

“I painted the background with watercolors to express the contrast between the world views of children and adults. I used bright colored pencils to create a soft texture when drawing the children, while on the other hand, I used a black pen to draw the adults and the city to express how dark reality can be in the world. I drew one of the adults reaching out to the child as her arm turned into color because I feel adults can learn from children, and it can brighten their life. “

LMS Art and Photography Teacher Brookye Keeney said, “Seunga is a delightful student who I met when she was working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic last year. She was consistently engaged in class work and held herself to high standards, which is evident in the quality of her work. This year Seunga has been able to attend school in person and it has been a pleasure having her in the classroom and getting to know her better. She has a wide range of artistic talents including music and dance. Her strong faith and desire to connect with other Korean Americans, especially sharing Korean culture with adoptees, is inspiring to me. She was accepted into a long list of art schools and I’m excited for her to further her education in art at Pratt Institute in New York this fall.”

Each year since 1995, Landis Homes selects a piece of artwork from the Lancaster Mennonite High School Spring Fine Arts Festival to become part of a permanent art collection on the retirement community campus. In return for the work, Landis Homes contributes to the Lancaster Mennonite School art department and to the student to support their future education.