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Like any great sports team or quality performing choir, a quality administration team can make the work look easy. In the past 6 months, LMS did not face only COVID changes, we faced significant change in our administrative team with several departments transitioning to new software and accounting programs.

Troy Hurst: Facilities Manager

Troy oversaw the first phase of the 64 Wing renovation project on the Lancaster campus, and the new doors at Locust Grove while rethinking the sanitation of each campus, ordering supplies for COVID.

Jenny Strickler: Food Service Director

While Jenny has been head cook, she took over the director position this summer after the retirement of Dottie Weber. She stepped into a new role and completely overhauled food service delivery and packaging for 3 campuses.

Lorri Hengst: Interim CFO

Lorri took over the role of Interim CFO upon the retirement of Marlin Groff. Lorri transitioned into the role during COVID, and adjusted the business office to work remotely and return with reduced staff, new accounting and tuition management software.

Jon Heinly: Director Of Advancement

Jon started the week we all went home to quarantine due to COVID. He started as an Advancement Associate and by July transitioned to the Director of the Department. Fundraising continued in a virtual format and he has built a new team.

Michael Charles: Interim Middle and High School Principal on the Lancaster Campus

Michael stepped into a new role for the 3rd time in 4 years. He is leading the Middle and High School on the Lancaster Campus and is part of the newly created Curriculum team representing the high school.

Miles Yoder: Locust Grove Principal

Miles is leading the Locust Grove campus providing leadership for the 3rd year and occasionally supports other departments in the system.

Lindsay Carson: New Danville 5th grade teacher and Principal

Lindsay is in her 3rd year of principal leadership at New Danville and her first year as part of the curriculum team representing the elementary.

Aubrey Kreider: Marketing Director

Aubrey led the communications team for the past 6 months and provided critical COVID communications, not to mention transitioning all of LM”s traditional events to virtual events.

Paula McCuen: LM Tech Director

Paula took on the lead tech director role for the LM system during LM’s shift to remote learning last spring, and is coordinating all things tech related with Dan Baker at the IU 13.

Kirk Benner: Assistant Principal grades 6-12 on the Lancaster Campus

Kirk has served as the lead counselor at the high school, but this summer took on assistant principal responsibilities managing HS classroom sizes and schedules given the different academic delivery options.

Jennifer Esbenshade: Spanish Immersion Director and Curriculum Team

Jenn has been the creator of the Spanish Immersion program at Locust Grove and maintenance program at the High School, but this year joined the Curriculum Team as the middle school representative.

Christy Horst: Admissions Director

Christy is not new to LM, but spent the spring coordinating communication with international students and families and their agencies as students made decisions about staying in the US or going home. Recruitment events quickly shifted to a virtual platform to accommodate interested families.

Marvin Sanders II: Athletic Director

Athletic teams started two weeks of spring practice and then went home, but Marvin was instrumental in honoring senior athletes finishing their career at LM. Marvin also spent hours throughout the summer working closely with coaches and administration to prepare for a safe fall sports season.

While many of these individuals are not new to Lancaster Mennonite, they took on new roles and responsibilities which can be challenging on their own time, but to do it in the midst of COVID has been an even greater feat!

This team met daily in the first months and frequently through the summer to create an academic delivery plan. They have been dedicated and consistent team players.

I’m blessed by their leadership and talent and couldn’t be more grateful for their care and concern for students and families.

This is what a committed team looks like! I hope you will join me in acknowledging this group of talented individuals who gave and continue to give of their talents, energies.

Dr. Pam Tieszen