College Planning

Preparing for your Future

See below for online resources, college financial aid and scholarships, and forms, transcript requests and information sheets pertaining to Guidance Services.

College Application and Career Planning

Learn more about applying for colleges and visit career planning websites.

College Funding and Financial Aid Resources

Explore some of the many options for college financial aid.

Local Scholarships

  • The Deborah Altman Volunteer Award for a student in Lancaster County who has shown exceptional volunteer work in the Lancaster community. Must be 16 years or older and have a “C” average academically. Two references and an essay are required. This is a $1500 award. The deadline to apply is March 13th.  Application sent via Schoology.
  • The Towne Club of Lancaster for seniors who plan to further their education at a technical or trade school after graduation. Awards are in the amount of $2000. A counselor recommendation, transcript, and senior picture are required with the application. The deadline to apply is March 17th. Application sent via Schoology.
  • The Building and Industry Foundation Scholarship – for seniors who plan to further their education in a trade or major related to residential building such as: electrical, plumbing, CADD, cabinet making, etc…Successful candidates must be a Lancaster County resident. A transcript and two letters of reference are required. The deadline to apply is March 24th.  Application sent via Schoology.
  • Lancaster Osteopathic / Mental Health Careers Scholarships –  for Lancaster County students who are planning to pursue a degree related to the mental health field: social work; licensed professional counselor, family therapist, etc…
  • The PA Association of School Retirees Gene Hummel Scholarship  – for Lancaster County seniors who have a 3.5 GPA or higher and who plan to pursue a degree in Education after high school. Two letters of recommendation, a transcript, and  essay are required. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023. Application materials are attached. Application sent via Schoology.
  • PA Assoc of Office Professionals Hermine Solt Scholarship – for seniors from Lancaster County who plan to major in Business or a related field after graduation (business management, finance/accounting, marketing, etc…). An essay, transcript, letter of recommendation, a copy of your college acceptance letter and resume is required. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023.  Application sent via Schoology.
  • Lancaster County Farm and Home Scholarship – for Lancaster County seniors who plan to further their education in Agriculture or Family and Consumer Science (or a related field) after graduation. A transcript, letter of recommendation, copy of parents’ tax returns from 2021 and 2022 are required. The deadline to apply is April 17, 2023. Application sent via Schoology.
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship Award – for Lancaster County (and Oxford, PA) seniors who plan to further their education after high school. A transcript, copy of college acceptance letter, school counselor reference letter and 3 letters of recommendation are required. A 2.0 GPA is required. The deadline to apply is March 25, 2023. Application sent via Schoology.
  • Penn State Alumni Award – Lancaster County Chapter – for a senior from Lancaster County who plans to enroll at any Penn State campus in the fall of 2023. Ten awards totaling $25,000 will be given out. A resume, essay, and transcript are required. The deadline to apply is May 8, 2023.  Scholarships can be accessed here:
  • Salvation Army/Olga Ruth Stratton Award – for Lancaster County seniors with a 2.0 GPA or higher who plan to further their education after high school and who demonstrate financial need. An essay, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcript are required. An interview is also required on April 6th. The deadline to apply is March 20, 2023.  Here is the link to the application:

Planning for International Students

Along with the college planning process information that is available for every student, the process for international students is often more involved. School counselors are available to serve our international students. Here are several recommendations to help international students as they prepare for college:

  • Be Involved – LMH has great opportunities for extracurricular involvements that colleges consider valuable. We encourage international students to participate in areas such as sports, dramas, student clubs, music and volunteer service opportunities. Talk to a teacher or a counselor who can help you identify a good place to become involved.
  • Practice English – The best way to prepare for college is to read, write and speak English. This will help international students prepare for the SAT/TOEFL tests and will aid in the social transition to college life.
  • Begin Early – Often the college planning process for international students is more involved and typically requires many steps along with the regular application.
  • Prepare for Tests – Adequate SAT and TOEFL scores are necessary for acceptance into college. There are many ways to prepare for these tests. Along with speaking, writing and reading English, there are online resources and preparation classes available to help prepare.
  • Course Selection – Take rigorous courses throughout each year of high school. LMH offers many advanced, honors and advanced placement courses. School counselors can serve as a support for course selection.
  • International students who regularly associate with native English speakers can score higher on the SAT and TOEFL. Many international students make the serious mistake of spending most of their time speaking their first language with students from their own country.