COVID Information

Information to keep our LM community updated on COVID counts and resources

Number of Active COVID-19 Cases*:

Lancaster Campus (6th-12th & System Office): Locust Grove Campus (PreK-8th): New Danville Campus (PreK-5th): Total
0 probable cases 0 probable cases 0 probable cases 0 probable cases
0 positive cases 0 positive cases 0 positive cases 0 positive cases
0 quarantining due to exposure 1 quarantining due to exposure 0 quarantining due to exposure 1 quarantining due to exposure

*These are known cases that have been reported to the school. This information is updated two times per week. It was last updated 5/25/2021.

Student Vaccination Clinics

There are multiple opportunities for persons 12 years old and over to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Learn more by clicking the “Student Vaccination Clinics” button below from Vaccinate Lancaster and the IU13/Walmart.

Safety Precautions for In-Person School

We are working hard to provide a safe environment for students to learn and employees to  work. While we are doing our best to hold in-person instruction as much as possible this year because we think it is important for our students well being, we are holding health and safety at the forefront as we are making decisions about when we are in-person or remote for educational instruction.

We are performing temperature checks and symptom screening students, faculty and staff every day during in-person school. Click here for a daily checklist and screening protocol that you can follow each morning before your student leaves for school. This screening is an essential part of our plan to lower the risk for our on-campus students this year and to keep us in-person as much as possible this year.

**Last week the CDC announced that persons who are fully vaccinated are permitted to go without masks when gathering indoors, and that all persons could go without masks when outdoors.

We have 13 days of school left! Most of our students are not vaccinated and so we will finish the year wearing masks when indoors. When we are outdoors students and faculty/staff may unmask for recess, physical education class, eating lunch, etc.**

Procedure when LM has a positive or probable case.

LM continues to follow the Department of Health (DOH) guidelines and will contact the family if a child needs to quarantine due to a probable or positive case exposure.  LM is required to communicate cases with the DOH and DOH provides guidance on procedure.

Pam Tieszen, superintendent, and Lorri Hengst, CFO, participate in Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) calls with other school officials 2x per week.  We are grateful for LGH’s guidance to all schools in Lancaster County during the pandemic.  We also monitor and communicate with other superintendent and schools in the area. 

If your child had an exposure at school, you will be contacted to pick up your child and they will need to quarantine (see new CDC guidance on number of days). They may return to school sooner if they have a doctor’s clearance and symptoms have cleared. 

CDC Adjusted Quarantine Time
  • Quarantine can end after Day 10 without testing and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring.
  • Quarantine can end after Day 7 if a diagnostic specimen tests negative and if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring.

Campuses will shift to remote learning based on the number of exposed staff and students needing to quarantine. This may happen on very short notice, please have childcare plans in place. 

Probable case: means that an individual has symptoms and was exposed to a positive case. 

How you can help us stay in school:
By now you know that one case can send us into remote learning.  It’s important that you communicate with your campus office. We want to be in school, but staff are often the first to be exposed and we are unable to provide enough substitute teachers, custodial, food service or bus drivers to continue operation and quickly factors into our decisions. 

Please practice safety and good health protocol:

  • Wash hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Practice Distancing
  • Take your temperature: threshold 100.4
  • Do you have symptoms? (see doc) If you do, stay home

Resource Links

If your family needs support: