Performance and Worship

We view music as a means to develop deep social, emotional, and spiritual connections. As a bridge to cultural understanding, an active form of creative artistry, and an instrument of worship, music is an essential component of the LM experience. Skills developed in music can be used for a lifetime.

What students experience and explore in music can significantly impact aesthetic enjoyment, social and cultural understandings, and a faith relationship with God. Music is infused into the curriculum from PreK through high school — composing, performing, participating and listening. Our students have exciting opportunities to perform with excellent vocal and instrumental groups.

At the high school level, LM provides a variety of courses ranging from beginner-level guitar classes to advanced college-level music courses that draw gifted musicians from around the world. The Music section of the Curriculum Guide, has more information on LM’s music classes and groups.

Advanced Studio Music Program

Through a special partnership program, LMH students can apply to take advanced classes in a Advanced Studio Music Program during the school day in partnership with Millersville University professors. Any students attending LM who would like to make music as their major in college can apply.

The students take half-day classes at LM and half-day classes in music theory, music history, choir, ensemble and major studies (instrument/voice). Successfully-completed courses through this program are added to the students’ high school transcript and count toward graduation.

High School - Campus Chorale

The High School’s select choir, the Campus Chorale, has a reputation for choral excellence. Campus Chorale provides concerts and programs for many local congregations and has performed throughout the United States and internationally.


Elementary School Music

Students are encouraged to find and use their singing voices and natural rhythm, the unique instruments with which God has blessed them. Students develop music reading, writing, composing and listening skills, both individually and collectively. Composed songs, folk songs, worship songs and hymns allow students to sing Anabaptist theology as well as experience music from around the world and from across time.

  • Music class for PreK one time per week, and K-4 one-three times per week (depending on grade level)
  • Two music performances per year by students
  • Instrumental music lessons available starting in 4th grade
  • Band/orchestra and instrumental lessons for 4th-12th grades
students playing drums in classroom
5th grade students at locust grove campus playing in orchestra

Middle School Music

LM values creative expression as part of the curriculum, and provides opportunities for all students to develop and nourish creativity through music. Middle school students participate in music, which includes both instrumental and vocal options:

  • Instrumental music lessons for grades 5-6
  • Band and orchestra for grades 5-8
  • General music and choral opportunities for grades 5-8

Mennonite Children's Choir of Lancaster

A program of Lancaster Mennonite School as a service to the community, MCCL offers auditioned and non-auditioned choral opportunities for children in grades 1st-12th. Singers do not need to attend Lancaster Mennonite School to participate.