Advanced Studio Program

A Cooperative Program for Gifted/Talented High School Musicians

Lancaster Mennonite School offers two options for advanced music study at our Lancaster Campus:

Option 1: High School Certificate Program

This is a multi-year music program for students who wish to complete their high school diploma while studying music with college professors. Successful completion of grades 9-12 in combination with 4 years of music study will result in a High School Diploma from LM as well as a Certificate of Music. The music curriculum for Option 1 satisfies the requirements for both the high school diploma as well as the Certificate in Music.

Option 2: Performance Certificate Program

This option is for talented high school students who wish to enroll in a Pre College Music Division program.

This is a two-to-four-year program. Students who attend this program must finish all the requirements listed below in order to get the Certificate. Students can elect to register for the Certificate Program or simply take individual courses through the Pre College Music program.

The courses are offered every year:

  • Private Lessons: 1 hour/per week
  • Chamber Music and/or Ensemble: 2 or 5 hour/per week
  • The courses can be elected through the years:
  • Theory/Solfège: 2 hour/per week
  • History: 2 hour/per week
  • Composition: 1 hour/per week

The awarding of the Performance Certificate will be based on a passing grade in Theory/Solfège, History and Music Composition. Additionally, students must perform in 2 Solo Recitals (1 half recital and 1 full recital) before they graduate.