Numerous LMH students recently won awards in the National Scholastic competition and the Lancaster County Young Artists competition. The winners of Scholastic Gold Keys advance to national competition in New York.

Kudos also go to the art teachers who worked to have students enter this contest and win.

Students of Kathy Ciaccia

  • Tianna Abel, Drawing and Illustration, Scholastics Honorable Mention
  • Bora Choi, Ceramics & Glass, Scholastics Silver Key
  • Sydney Esch, Ceramics, LCYA Gold
  • Ashlee Evans, Ceramics, LCYA Gold
  • Ashlee Evans, Ceramics & Glass, Scholastics Honorable Mention
  • Marisa Hoober, Ceramics, LCYA Silver
  • Kyeongji Kim, Pastels/Watercolor, Drawing, LCYA Honorable Mention
  • Madeline Mast, Printmaking, Scholastics Honorable Mention
  • Heather Leiby, Drawing, LCYA Honorable Mention

Students of Paul Brubaker

  • Alex Bollinger, Film Photography, LCYA Silver
  • Rebekah Boone, Film Photography, LCYA HM
  • Hadassah Colbert, Film Photography, LCYA Silver
  • Hadassah Colbert, Photography, Scholastics Gold Key
  • Hadassah Colbert, Photography, Scholastics Honorable Mention
  • Rachel Mast, Film Photography, LCYA Honorable Mention
  • Ben Zook, Photography, LCYA Honorable Mention
  • Ben Zook, Photography, Scholastics Honorable Mention
  • Ben Zook, Photography, LCYA Honorable Mention

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated. The Awards are presented by The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarship.

Students’ art submissions are judged by leaders in the visual arts. Jurors look for works that exemplify the Awards’ core values: originality, technical skill, and the emergence of personal voice or vision.

The Scholastic Art Awards has grown to be the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition initiative for creative teens, and the largest source of scholarships for young artists.