Hoober family at soccer game

Photo Caption: Charlie & Sally Hoober, honored for attending 1,000+ LM sports games to support their kids and grandkids.

Hoobers’ Invest in life lessons on and off the field

Charlie and Sally Hoober, and their family have been long-time members of the LM Community. However, it wasn’t until the Hoobers’ decided to send their own children to the school that they realized what made LM special. 

A Tradition of Sport
Their commitment to athletics is a longstanding family tradition. Sally’s father coached 3 athletic teams. Sally and Charlie participated in high school and college sports, and their parents always attended their games. “Sports are how our family connects,” Sally explains. “It helped us keep a strong connection with our children, even when other things took their main interest.”

The Hoober’s 3 children, Scott, Chuck, and Lauri, took part in almost every team sport LM had to offer. “One thing we noticed about LM was our kids’ relationship with other students,” Charlie remembers.

After our kids became part of the school community, they became more supportive as teammates and as friends.”

Their Continuing Legacy
Nine of the Hoober’s grandchildren have attended LM and held a strong presence in its sports programs. Charlie and Sally continue to attend every game, seeing a lifetime total of 1,000+ games and counting. They feel that LM has left their children and grandchildren stronger both academically and spiritually.

Endowment for the Future
Both Charlie and Sally highly value the quality Christian education LM provides, and contribute greatly to the school. Recently, the Hoobers’ have made an even greater effort to support LM’s athletic program by sponsoring the Hoober Haller Athletic Leadership Endowment.

This fund is used to invest in quality coaches and student athletic training at LM. Recent projects the fund has supported include: coach training seminars, CPR and AED certifications for athletic staff, and a sports library to help athletes and coaches alike reach their fullpotential.

Lancaster Mennonite’s athletic program brings the school a lot of recognition,” the couple say. “LM must continue to invest in it to keep it strong.”