chess team

The LMH chess team won the Lancaster Scholastic Chess League championship with a 12-1 overall record.
Captain Conner McCall ’17, who plays first board, tied for first place in the LSCL individual tournament. Captains Joel Gish ’17 and Katherine Gish ’18 were undefeated throughout the season. Ryan Dellinger ’19 and Haolun Wu ’20 both placed third in the LSCL individual tournament with 4 wins each. The team is coached by Cedric Steiner.

LMH League Championship Chess Team: (l-r, standing) Nick Sampsell ’19, Caleb Stoltzfus ’20, Ryan Dellinger ’19, Haolun “Harry” Wu ’20, Connor Edie ’19, Wenye “Will” He ’19, Coach Cedric Steiner, Geon “Kaiden” Son ’17, Zhinan “Clover” Zhang ’19, Sennan “Sean” Cen ’18, Yining “Joni” Li ’18, Zheyu “Joe” Zhou ’18, Trong Phan ’17 (l-r, seated) Ben Mast ’20, Alena Clatterbuck ’19, Joel Gish ’17 (Captain), Cameron Sydorko ’17 (Captain), Katherine Gish ’18 (Captain), Conner McCall ’17 (Captain), Serifina Mei ’20