Students on stage during production of

“The show must go on” has been the mantra of theatrefolk everywhere for many years.  The cast of “Stop Time,” the dama department’s spring showcase, was recently confronted in real life with this phrase.  On Saturday evening, April 22, the electric was out along route 30, Lancaster Mennonite included.  When confronted with the thought of cancelling a show, the staff, cast. crew and musicians quickly rallied and decided to move the show off the stage and into the lobby of gym A.  In 30 minutes, we stripped the show down to the bare minimum, set up close to 200 chairs, re-instrumented some of the songs, moved all the desserts, move the props and costumes to the gym, adjusted the show and presented “Stop Time” in real time.  In spite of not having electricity, the evening was truly electric.

“Stop Time” began with a look at our work and the things people do to keep themselves occupied during the day such as baking pies, assembling cars, brokering business deals and flying airplanes.  The second half began with the wish to stop time and revert to childhood when life was a bit more carefree…or is it?  The musical showcase ended with the admonition to seize the day.  The show featured some familiar tunes such as “Nine to Five” and “Footloose” and some unfamiliar songs like “What’s Inside” and “Some Things Are Meant to Be.”

Audience members enjoyed desserts and were seated on stage within a few feet of the performers. Our student cast of 14 LM singers and actors (listed below) did a wonderful job bringing this production to life. Bravo everyone! Check out the photo gallery attached for a few highlights of their performances.

Cast Members

  • Jasper Baunee
  • Kay Beidler
  • Abby Brubaker
  • Mara Carlson
  • Julie Eshenauer Rivera
  • Julia Fisher
  • Zoey Groff
  • Eli Heinsey
  • Brennan Kauffman
  • Rachel Landes
  • Jinge Ma
  • Caleb Metzler
  • Ilse Ness
  • Micah Sauder