Dear LM Community,

The landscape with Coronavirus (COVID-19) changes by the hour, as we know with Governor Wolf’s latest update shutting down all non-essential businesses for 2 weeks. The LM Administrative Team met today and here are the latest updates and reminders as they currently stand.

Classroom Instruction

Initially, we stated we will be providing Flexible Instruction Days (FIDS) for the first week, March 16-19 (March 20th off). And we are glad this Thursday’s instruction will close out the 3rd quarter for the school year. For the second week, March 23-27, we will continue to provide alternative classroom instruction. And at the end of the two weeks/ten days the state will reevaluate and decide whether continued closure is needed. 

We are working closely with teachers to work flexibly and creatively to make the most of these remote opportunities, while also not overextending parents and students. Here is a guide of the expectations for the Flexible Instruction Days: click here.

In the absence of being able to be together physically, we desire to resource the continuity of learning and instruction to the best of our capability at the moment. We hope this will provide families a sense of community and support in this time of social isolation.

Activities Updates

In addition to the other events that we have already announced will be postponed or cancelled, these events are also being affected:

Visitor Day, April 2 – Cancelled

Spring Open House, April 19 – Postponed

High School Mini-Courses – Cancelled. We’re really disappointed these are being cancelled, as we know this represents a lot of energy, planning, resources and excitement looking forward to these unique trips and experiences. 

The New Danville and Locust Grove campus auction committees are meeting and discussing alternatives to the planned on-site fundraising activities planned. 

Contact Resources

The System and Campus Offices may have a skeleton staff the next few days, but many of those staff will start working from home tomorrow. If you need to reach anyone they will be accessible by email or leave a voicemail on their school line as it will show up on their email, and they can call you back or set-up a video chat with you from home.

We are requiring persons to call ahead to schedule appointments; there will be no walk-ins. 

If any students need to borrow a Chromebook laptop from the school, please reach out to IT at: or contact Paula McCuen directly.


We are continuing to make the best decisions we can with the information currently at hand. We appreciate your ongoing patience and flexibility as we modify plans and do our best to keep students, families, employees and our community safe. We will continue to keep you updated as more information and decisions are available. 

We acknowledge the loss, disappointment and disruption that people are experiencing. I appreciate this school community and your patience with us amidst very challenging circumstances. 

I leave you with this song of encouragement from our LM student group singing in worship chapel that they performed last Friday. May you be uplifted!  

Your ongoing prayers are appreciated!


Grace and Peace, 

Dr. Pam Tieszen