elizabeth byler

ELIZABETH BYLER ‘13 has a passion for human flourishing! This is evident in her work at Eden Environments, a B2B (business-to-business) green interior design and consulting service where they work to create sustainable spaces for people to thrive. Elizabeth is especially proud of a renovation project where they started with a $0 budget, and “through negotiation, donations, reusing items, and selling some items, by the end of the project, the company had a new space and about $500 – people who walked in expressed amazement at the new space.”

At LM, Elizabeth was able to nurture her curiosity and creativity – one of our core values – leading her to a career that involves designing spaces that are accessible and life-giving to all. She notes, “Some of my fondest memories of Lancaster Mennonite were being involved in the drama department and Chapel Planning Committee. Danielle Hofstetter allowed me to fly as her Stage Manager, working with lighting, sets, and actors to produce a whole different world, showed me the power of environments.”

Elizabeth believes there is a “need for people to keep cheering you on” as a small business owner,  and she values being able to do that for others. She also promotes collaboration over competition, and has worked with ISAIAH (RIVERA) SANABRIA ‘11 and JOSEPH BYLER ‘10 to develop Eden Environments’ marketing strategy and materials. For Elizabeth, this focus on community and helping others is at the heart of what it means to work for the greater good.


Photo Credit: Charlotte Martin