A new combined middle school and high school Math Club will meet weekly at the Hershey Campus for enrichment activities and practice for upcoming mathematics contests. The contest/competition opportunities this year will be: PA Math League contests (monthly for high school and once annually for middle school students; AMC-10 and AMC-12 on-site written contests in February for select high school students; and ACSI Math Olympics for high school. Middle School will also engage in “24” contests, practicing the mathematics game “24” with a possible school-wide competition later in the year. The innovative “24” game is a tool to make math appealing, accessible and fun, thereby helping students to excel in math, science and related fields.

Last year, three Hershey Campus students, Sarah Hennigh, Zach Neu, and Josh Kirman, scored within the top 75% of students in the “AMC-12” national mathematics contest administered by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) that encourages critical thinking, synthesis of classroom topics and clever problem-solving methods.