Golf Tournament attendees

Lancaster Mennonite’s 28th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament was on Tuesday, May 14 at Meadia Heights Golf Club. Despite some clouds and rain, we had a wonderful time playing a round and making or growing connections all for a great cause. Thanks to our participants and sponsors we raised just over $34,000 to support the mission of LM! We’re so grateful that they are a part of the past or present and, most importantly, future of Lancaster Mennonite School.

Please join us in celebrating our winners from both the morning and afternoon rounds. Congratulations!

Morning Round

  • Men’s 1st Place (59): Nathan Patterson, Dave Kauffman, Dean Hershey, and Matt Stoltzfus
  • Men’s 2nd Place (59): Jerry Wenger, Brock Martin, TJ Fisher, and David Denlinger
  • Senior’s 1st Place (71): Jesse Robinson, Mike Woepel, Eugene Homan, and Milt Morgan
  • Mixed 1st Place: Scott Walter, Susan Walter, Adam Woge, and Scott Reynolds
  • Women’s 1st Place: Andrea Brubaker, Mackenzie Campbell, Kelly Buckwalter, and Lillian Buckwalter

Afternoon Round

  • Men’s 1st Place (55): Mark Gast, Daniel Glick, Craig Hornberger, and Jim Zanghi
  • Men’s 2nd Place (58): Kurt Sauder, Jeremy Venema, and Cory Bauer
  • Mixed 1st Place (70): Ryan Null and Carmen Beinhauer
  • Mixed 2nd Place (72): Dave Williams, Lynn Williams, Fred Jones, and Nadine Jones
  • Senior’s 1st Place (67): Don Thomas, Ian Albright, Earl Cones, and Doug Finkbiner
  • Seniors’s 2nd Place (75): Clifford Miller, Galen Miller, Robert Graybill, and Charles Renner
  • Women’s 1st Place: Juli Moose, Fran Sensenig, Alicia Moranz, and Julianne Futcher