Alumna artist Liz Hess has donated a #1 Limited Edition 22″ x 29″ custom-framed canvas for the LMS Homecoming Auction October 3. “Practice Round at the 2015 Women’s Open” was commissioned for the USGA 2015 Women’s Open that was played at the Lancaster Country Club in July.

The USGA picked up on Hess and her artwork, calling the artist in February to invite her to be a part of the Women’s Open in July.

“I had no idea the USGA was even interested in a local artist, so I never inquired or applied. The invitation literally dropped into my lap”, says Hess.

Three days after she submitted a digital image to the Women’s Open for their perusal, she received word that they had approved it and was then sent a digital file of their logo to place on the prints as their endorsement.

Hess and those who gave her input decided the scene should be of a practice day where there would still be spectators, but not the sea of people that will overtake the course during the competition.

‚ÄúThis way the beautiful grounds and clubhouse are visible, yet stands and spectators are also present, identifying this as definitely part of the tournament,” Hess explained.

Hess, a full-time artist, sells her work through her downtown Lancaster gallery and on her website: