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Lancaster Mennonite is pleased to announce the addition of several new STEAM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) course offerings in our high school curriculum.

New in 2019-20
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Robotics
Coming 2020-21
  • Introduction to Data Science
Coming 2021-22
  • AP Computer Science A

AP Calculus BC is an extension of AP Calculus AB, an existing course at LM. Students will explore the concepts, methods, and applications of differential and integral calculus, including topics such as parametric, polar and vector functions and series. Students will perform experiments and investigations and solve problems by applying their knowledge and skills.

Robotics students will learn and apply the engineering process in building and programming basic robotic behaviors using motors and sensors. C++, widely used in software applications, will be used to program the VEX V5 robots to complete autonomous tasks as well as controller directed tasks.

Introduction to Data Science is designed to introduce students to the exciting opportunities available at the intersection of data analysis, computing and mathematics through hands-on activities. The curriculum focuses on practical applications of data analysis to give students concrete and applicable skills. Instead of using small, tailored, curated data sets as in a traditional statistics curriculum, this curriculum engages students with a wider world of data that fall into the “Big Data” paradigm and are relevant to students’ lives. Students will learn to find and communicate meaning in data and to think critically about arguments based on data.

AP Computer Science A is an extension of AP Computer Science Principles course, an existing course at LM. AP Computer Science A is an introductory college-level computer science course. Students cultivate their understanding of coding through analyzing, writing, and testing code as they explore concepts like modularity, variables and control structures.

With these additions, LM now provides every AP Math and Computer Science course available through the College Board. We’re excited to strengthen the already exceptional STEAM opportunities available to LM students with the addition of these new courses, as we aim to equip students to create and lead in a dynamic world. View a complete list of our STEAM classes by clicking the button below.