We are excited to share with you that a number of our employees are transitioning or expanding their roles for the 2024-2025 school year.

Director of Residence Life and International Programs

Christy HorstChristy Horst will be transitioning from her current role as Director of Enrollment to take on the responsibilities of Director of Residence Life and International Programming.

In her new role she will work to build international enrollment and the high school boarding program.

Christy shares, “I am excited to create an International student program of excellence, with a renewed focus on recruitment and support services for students and families during enrollment. Part of this role will be to consistently communicate with parents, teachers, agencies and host parents about each international student, along with frequent check-ins with students in their academic, emotional and social life. I am also looking forward to returning to our boarding program with more experience to continue to build a community where LM core values are reflected, students feel welcome, and parents know that their child is in safe hands receiving a strong academic experience while attending LM.”

We will be hiring a new Director of Enrollment. The job has been posted to our website. We encourage you to invite persons to apply that would be a great fit for this role. Click here to learn more about the role and our other current openings for this year and next year.

Curriculum Coordinator & Community Liaison and Administrative Coordinator

We’re also pleased to share with you that along with hiring a new Assistant Superintendent, we have created two new part-time roles that will begin next school year (July 1, 2024).

Sheri Wenger, high school social studies teacher, has agreed to be our Curriculum Coordinator & Community Liaison, and Rachael Thomas, high school math teacher, has agreed to be our Administrative Coordinator. Sheri and Rachael will continue to do some teaching in their expanded roles.

Sheri shares, “After many years of writing curriculum for the social studies and Bible department, I am looking forward to working with my K-12 colleagues in developing curriculum for our students across the content areas. As educators, we strive to develop lesson plans that engage our students in critical thinking and collaborative learning. I am excited to team with our LM faculty to revise and create a curriculum that will be a ‘living document’ to help us as we continually work to improve the teaching and learning in our classrooms.”

Photo, teacher, Rachel ThomasRachael shares, “I am excited to be able to draw from experiences in the classroom and in roles of leadership to provide support for our administrative and teaching staff in utilizing technology to its fullest potential. I’m particularly pleased that this new role will allow me to continue to spend part of the day in the classroom, working with students and staying connected to the day-to-day of life at LM.”

I’m thrilled that Sheri Wenger is LM’s Curriculum Coordinator & Community Liaison. Her expertise in developing the K-12 Social Studies curriculum scope and sequence for LM has been instrumental in advancing our strategic curriculum review goals. Equally, I’m thrilled that Rachael Thomas is LM’s Administrative Coordinator, a position that plays a vital role in both our current operations and future endeavors at LM.

Christy, Sheri, and Rachael bring valuable skills and enthusiasm to their respective roles, and we’re looking forward to the positive impact they’ll have in continuing to shape our culture of care in our school community and beyond.

Please join us in congratulating Christy, Sheri, and Rachael into these new roles.

Dr. Michael Badriaki, LM Superintendent