Seven Lancaster Mennonite juniors are participating in the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce’s Discovering Paths Program this year. The program goals are to inspire, guide and empower high school juniors as they consider their next steps and future career path.

Through the program students get to participate in five key areas:

  • One-on-one mentoring relationships with professionals across Lancaster County
  • Experiential learning with visits to local businesses, like Foundry 48 and Rock Lititz
  • Visits to local colleges and universities, like Thaddeus Stevens College and Saint Joseph’s University
  • Job shadowing with local businesses and professionals 
  • Attend Career Fairs and Industry Trade Shows

The following LM students are participating in the program: Azaylia Jenkins, Allison Immel, Assad Salim, Haydn Gruno, Olivia Hutchinson, Seth Hoover, and Zoey Groff. 

Pictured: Seth Hoover, Assad Salim, Zoey Groff and Azaylia Jenkins
Pictured: Seth Hoover, Assad Salim, Zoey Groff and Azaylia Jenkins

Assad Salim shared that, “I have an interest in physical therapy, so I had the opportunity to job shadow with a physical therapist at Orthopedics of Lancaster.”

Azaylia Jenkins was mentored by Jasmine Kraybill, a Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.  She also had the opportunity to shadow at a veterinary clinic and explore her future career path as an animal veterinarian.

Zoey Groff is exploring her varied interests in theater and nursing. She had the opportunity to job shadow at a number of local organizations, such as: Fulton Theatre, Sight & Sound, and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Hospital. 

Salena Coachman, Vice President, Talent Sustainability and Talent Acquisition, D&I at Armstrong World Industries was Zoey’s mentor. Salena shared, “I am enjoying being a part of the Lancaster Chamber’s Discovering Paths Program. We can always say ‘I don’t have enough time’ for a given thing, which I don’t, but it is amazing the gift you receive when you MAKE time for something. I have had the pleasure of being paired with Zoey Groff as my mentee. The reminder that our future will be led by strong individuals has been my push to be a great influence in her life for this short period that I am being granted. The experience is reminding me to slow down and take in the moment. Before we know it, Zoey will be a leader, as I am today, at a company, a nursing department, a theatre, or whatever else she may decide on with her path.”

We are so thankful for this wonderful opportunity for our students to explore their interests and consider their next steps!