Lancaster Mennonite Middle School (LMMS) students at our Lancaster campus held their latest public exhibition “100 People Project” on January 13, 2022. 

Students created an exhibit including a narrative biography accompanied by a photographic portrait, as well as a display highlighting global and local needs, all themed around the question, “What if the world were made up of 100 people?”.

For a quarter in their classes middle school students have been learning to understand the people of the world using data, interviews, and written expression. As a part of that task, each student selected one person from our local area who statistically represents Lancaster City in one or more ways. Students interviewed and staged a photographic portrait of that person, crafting a narrative biography of their chosen person. Portraits and narratives were displayed in the Lancaster Mennonite School Gathering Area in a gallery format. Students also hand-crafted a self-portrait with intentionally chosen symbols to represent themselves, as a part of their world.

Finally, after studying Jesus’ interpretation of “neighbor” in class, as one who shows mercy in times of need, students created an informative display of both global and local needs in one of the following eight globally significant issues: food/water, shelter, war, health, education, transportation, and economy. The display shows understanding of the issue, both globally and locally, and includes graphical representations of both global and local statistics.