students sitting on medicine balls

LM Seniors enrolled in Kingdom Living engage in a 20-hour internship/volunteer experience for their Capstone Project. The first step involves a series of self-discovery and discernment tools to identify not only what they are good at but also what they would like to explore. They do asset mapping and write an essay on their view of life and work. Placements vary (see list below) and can range from working with a business, nonprofit, church or school, to a more self directed experience. Students come away with an inside glimpse of the world around them and a new appreciation for service, experiential learning, self-awareness and faith.

Robsan Dinka assisted LM Athletic Trainer, Ann Seaton, during the fall sports season (photo left). He worked behind the scenes in all the prep work in the training room as well as on the field events during the fall season. He writes: “This experience taught me that helping others is an important way to get closer to God as well as making a positive difference in your community. Although I have played a small role in helping student athletes recover from their injuries, I like to think that helping Ms. Ann made her job a little bit easier so that she was able to direct more attention to the athletes. Even the small roles we play can be important.”

Mennonite Sports Organization, House Church in China, Youth Ministry retreat (St. John’s Episcopal Church), Church outreach ministries (St. Mark’s Church), The Bridge Food Pantry and Clothing Closet (Avon Grove Church of the Nazarene), Teaching Chinese (remotely) at Calvary Church, Spooky Nook Farm/Alpacas and Llamas, Triangle Therapeutic Riding, Humane League of Lancaster, Whistling Glen Farms, park and trail clean-up at Lancaster County Central Park, Water Street Ministries food service, Milanof-Shock Library, Fasting from social media and cross-cultural experience in the D.R., Art with Ms. Keeney