Locust Grove students during Move-a-thon

Move-A-Thon Supports Endowment for Students

(Lancaster, PA) – Last Friday, February 18, 2022, Lancaster Mennonite School students at the Locust Grove Campus (2257 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602) participated in a Move-a-Thon. Each class in grades PreK-8th danced, played, and moved in the gym to raise funds for the LM Wonderfully Made Scholarship Endowment

The Wonderfully Made Scholarship Endowment provides financial support to families with students needing elementary academic support. The endowment enables students with learning challenges to thrive by preparing them to successfully navigate school and life. It helps make affordable the extra cost of Academic Support specialists who help struggling students become successful learners.

This endowment was started at the Locust Grove campus, and they were looking to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. Through this event they met their financial goal! The support will continue for students as Locust Grove students transition to the Lancaster campus of Lancaster Mennonite School next fall (click here to hear about unification). 

LM Locust Grove Campus Principal, Miles Yoder shares, “It has been fun to watch the Locust Grove community rally around the Wonderfully Made Endowment the past several years to raise over $50,000!  This endowment will benefit students who need Academic Support but can not afford these services. Special thanks to Keri Bloom and teachers Anita Dickert and Melinda Stevens who provided the leadership to make this dream become a reality.“