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Dear LM Families,
Last week, LM experienced COVID-19 cases pressing in on our school community for the first time. That trend continued through the weekend and into this week. This email includes information for remote learning on all campuses December 1-4 and LM’s communication process with families when we experience positive and probable cases.
A reminder that all campuses will be learning remotely and returning to school on Tuesday, December 8. We will continue to monitor LM’s situation based on internal positive and probable cases, and community spread as we get closer to December 8. Look for additional updates.
During Remote Learning:
Parents/Guardians, please communicate illness, COVID symptoms, testing, and results with your campus Administrative Assistants and Principals.
This is important information for 2 reasons, 1) Teachers are taking attendance for online classes: and, 2) We will be monitoring LM’s number of infections, which will inform our decision for remote or in-person instruction in early December.
Device: If your student needs a device, please contact your campus office.
Campus Contacts:
Lancaster Campus
Principal – Mr. Charles
Administrative Assistants
Locust Grove Campus
Principal – Mr. Yoder
Administrative Assistants
New Danville Campus
Principal – Mrs. Carson
Administrative Assistants
Procedure when LM has a positive or probable case.
LM continues to follow the Department of Health (DOH) guidelines and will contact the family if a child needs to quarantine due to a probable or positive case exposure. A probable case means that an individual has symptoms and was exposed to a positive case. LM is required to communicate cases with the DOH, and the DOH provides guidance on procedure. A sample letter is included below under “Resources” and also on the LM website.
Pam Tieszen, Superintendent, and Lorri Hengst, CFO participate in Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) calls with other school officials 2x per week. We are grateful for LGH’s guidance to all schools in Lancaster County during the pandemic. We also monitor and communicate with other Superintendents and schools in the area.
LM Webpage Link: We’ve added a page to our website where you can see a case counter for each campus and number of positive and probable cases. This will also be a resource where you can see all the latest COVID-19 information.
How you can help us stay in school:
Please continue doing all the things to keep yourself and our community safe, like handwashing, wearing face coverings, social distancing, etc. It’s important that you communicate with your campus office. We want to be in school, but staff are often the first to be exposed and we are unable to provide enough substitute teachers, custodial, food service or bus drivers to continue operation which quickly factors into our decisions.
Please practice safe guidelines and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!
Grace and Peace,
Dr. Pam Tieszen and the Pandemic Response Team