Photo collage of 3 students work of Art

We have wrapped up the last section of Middle School Exploratory at the Lancaster Campus! The time has flown by.  What a great group! Some samples of artwork are included below. You can also click the button below to see the full gallery of student artwork from this quarter.

During our class time together students explored drawing, painting, mixed media and wire sculpture. Mini lessons in drawing and painting in a variety of media were explored including: pencil, colored pencil, oil pastel, tempera and watercolor paint. The big idea of “developing their artist voice” was explored as the students brainstormed what inspires them, researched reference images and created a drawing, painting or mixed media piece of art inspired by this topic that was personally meaning to them. Their wire sculpture was inspired by the big idea of “a figure in motion”. They chose a person or animal in action and “drew” with wire. Students chose to focus on the undulating outline of their subject or added volume with additional wire.