On January 13, 2015, the Lancaster Mennonite High School chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 49 students selected on the basis of service, scholarship, leadership and character.

Students who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 are invited to submit an application to be considered for NHS membership. The faculty is then asked for input regarding the applicants’ fitness in the four areas of service, scholarship, leadership and character, after which a faculty council reviews all the information and decides which students should be inducted.

The LMHS chapter welcomes the following new members who met all the criteria for induction:


Zachary Alderman, John Breisinger, Katelyn Coryell, Helena Derksen, Alexa Evans, Garyd Martin


Drew Bollinger, Ben Breisinger, John Ebaugh, Marshall Gehman, Erin Kauffman,


Breanna Beers, Ethan Beiler, Avery Briguglio, Mackenzie Brubaker, Dylan Campbell, Ben Coryell, Maya Dula, Charlie Gish, Emily Hunter, Kyunghyun Kim, Cassidy King, Ian Martin, Janelle Miller, Adam Peachey, Anna Miller, Andrew Milligan, Mike Nguyen, Brett Sauder, Taylor Smith, Thomas (TJ) Underwood, Jiayi Li, Katherine McCoy, Vinh Phuc Nguyen, Obse Tolla, Janell Preheim, Madison Ream, Brock Rohrer, Hope Rutter, Erin Spangler, Emily Stevens, Natalie Stoltzfus, Rebekah Umble, Olivia Ulmstead, William Wanner, Kathryn Will, Julia Wilson, Gillian Wismer, Austin Yoder