teacher appreciate week banner

Last week we celebrated our teachers at each of our campuses for Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so GRATEFUL for our teachers and how they have carried us through over a year of school during a pandemic! True heroes and World Changers! Thank them when you see them! All campuses blessed teachers in various ways this week from meals and snacks to gifts and special cards! Our principals and Superintendent share messages of gratitude below. 

“This week we set aside time to honor teachers for the hard work and dedication they demonstrate as they help students learn everyday. Teachers, thank you for the many hours you invest with lesson planning, grading papers and projects and for helping students when they need your advice or counsel. Teachers truly make a difference and change the world one student at a time!  Thank you for faithfully praying for students and helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.Miles Yoder, Locust Grove Campus Principal 

“All the teacher training in the world could not prepare someone for the dramatic shifts in education we’ve seen in the last year, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As teachers always do, our wonderful teachers have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of students with learning losses, to provide students with consistency, compassion, and safety, and to engage students thoughtfully in transformative experiences both in the classroom and out. Our teachers are courageous and creative individuals who deserve all our love and support!” – Lindsay Carson, New Danville Campus Principal 

“To teach in a normal year is a herculean task. This year, teachers have risen to meet the added challenges of Covid-19 in remarkable and inspiring ways. At LM, the vision to support holistic student growth is evident in the craft of each teacher, from their countless hours of preparation and assessment, to their constant care and connection with students. Thank you LM teachers!”- Michael Charles, Lancaster Campus Principal

“Teachers are Lancaster Mennonite, they are what makes us who we are, and in this year of COVID flexibility and adjustments, they rose to the occasion.  They set to work last spring and adapted quickly to at home work. This year they remained flexible while caring for students.  Expressing my sincere gratitude for all the “extras” they extended to students and colleagues this year!”  Pam Tieszen, Superintendent