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Thanks to the Central Penn Business Journal (CPBJ) and Central Penn Parent for hosting this great event on Jan 20, 2021. We were honored to be part of this esteemed panel of experts:

  • Michael Charles, LMH & LMMS Interim Principal
  • Dr. Tamara Willis, Susquehanna Township School District Superintendent
  • Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, Central Penn College President
  • Dr. John “Ski” Sygielski, Harrisburg Area Community College President


The Workforce is changing – How will you prepare your kids?

The demands of today’s workforce are ever-changing, and that makes it difficult for parents and students to understand what their options are and how to be prepared for the future. This webinar will feature educators and others sharing information about how to prepare students going from High school to college or into the workforce.

Lancaster Mennonite’s Charles said that there has been a “huge pivot” in the options high school students see for themselves after graduation. “Now there is a huge portfolio of options that exist,” he said. “Trades are seen as viable jobs, highly advanced, highly technical jobs.” See full recap article by CPBJ.

All were welcome to attend the virtual event.

Missed the event?

Click the “Webinar Playback” button below to listen to the webinar recording. And CPBJ also wrote an article recap that provides an overview of the key highlights you may have missed – click the “CPBJ Recap” button below.