Campus Unification – Fall 2022

Our Future is Together


campus unification graphicWe are excited to share that we are planning to unite our three campuses: Locust Grove and New Danville on the 90+ acre Lancaster Campus on Lincoln Highway in the Fall of 2022! Our goal is to create a community that is united, empowered, and inspired together.

Board Chair, Kathy Beiler, said, “We are excited to announce that we have envisioned a campus where we can bring the best of our school together for every student. It will make the most effective use of our space with expanded programming, outdoor education, and a shared curriculum. Uniting teachers and programs will allow us to collaborate and educate our students together.

Elementary School (Grades PreK-5th):
The elementary students will be located in the Rutt Academic Building with two elementary streams, one English track and one Spanish Immersion track. This building was chosen specifically for elementary students because of its location and classroom layout, bathroom and handwashing access for young children, playground location, separation from and yet accessibility to middle and high school students and other areas on campus, like the gyms, cafeteria, fine arts center and music and art options.

Middle School (Grades 6-8th):
Middle school (MS) students will be located in the newly renovated lower level of the ‘64 classroom building. There will be one middle school track, with renovated design and science lab spaces. Their location will shift slightly from the current space under the dining hall to be more centrally located on the lower level of the ‘64 classroom building. We will be creating a cohesive curriculum that together the best of Locust Grove and LMMS.

campus unification insert graphic
Click Here for a .pdf of the Full Announcement

High School (Grades 9-12):
High school (HS) students will move to a newly renovated 2nd floor of the ‘64 classroom building and the south end of the lower level with larger classrooms. HS and MS offices will move from the south end to the north end of the ‘64 classroom building, under the alumni dining hall. The former office space will become larger classrooms. New science labs will be built in the current media center space and there will be a new space for the media center in the north end of ‘64 classroom building. The Family and Consumer Science department will move to newly renovated classrooms on the second floor of the G. Parke Book Building.

We are excited for this coming together and for the potential our 90+ acre Lancaster campus gives for PreK– 12th grade programming, STEAM activities, outdoor learning, art, music, electives, and growth!