LM's Kraybill Campus provides

Grade PreK-8 Education

In a state-of-the-art facility

Founded in 1949, Kraybill started out in the historic 1898 Meetinghouse. Over the years, the classrooms moved to a renovated building on the twelve-acre campus. From state-of-the-art music rooms to modern home technology facilities, Kraybill provides students with an ideal environment for learning. The renovated Meetinghouse now serves as the campus chapel, a reminder of the school’s spiritual foundation.


The Kraybill Campus has excellent facilities for its outstanding, innovative full-day PreK and kindergarten programs in a real school environment. Experiencing a regular school-day schedule in a school environment better prepares students for kindergarten and first grade.


Kraybill has a strong middle school sports program, that often fields two teams to give more students the opportunity to play and develop. Students in PreK-6 grade also have the opportunity to participate in the Mennonite Sports Organization.

Fine Arts

Kraybill’s fine arts program offers a multitude of opportunities for students to explore their artistic abilities through musical productions, instrumental programs, vocal ensembles, and inter-scholastic fine arts competitions.