Academics at New Danville

The New Danville Campus near Millersville offers PreK-5 Christian education in the southern part of Lancaster County and also draws students from the southern portion of the city of Lancaster.

New Danville features a strong early childhood program that prepares students for the next levels of learning. (See PreK and Kindergarten information.)

Nurturing teachers create a fun, safe environment for learning at New Danville. The spacious playground, appropriate for all grades, illustrates the importance of fun in this educational community.

“Community” is an important concept here. Grandparents Day is just one of numerous community-building events that invite family involvement in the education of New Danville students.

This learning community of students and staff is also quite diverse. The campus seeks to have a warm ecumenical spirit, valuing students of all denominational backgrounds, racial/ethnic groups and abilities.

School must be more than fun, nurture and enrichment — parents expect academic excellence in core subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics. In addition to these and other core subjects that are listed in the Curriculum section of this website, technology, information literacy, career education, wellness, and writing are integrated into the curriculum along with faith and character development. Along with academic instruction, Christian teachers, coaches, administrators and staff model Christ’s love to students and incorporate Christ’s teachings into the classroom and daily work.

While the key to a Christian education is having Christ at the center of all learning and activities, not as an add-on in the curriculum, the New Danville Campus has formal times of Bible instruction and prayer.