Hans Smucker ‘02 Behind the Scenes

Hans Smucker ‘02 found his calling working in LM’s Fine Arts Center. Under the supervision of technical director Ryan Rohrer ‘95, he was given the freedom to experiment with lighting and sound, and develop his own solutions to the tech problems often encountered on stage. Inspired by his experiences, he decided to study at Syracuse University and worked as a technical assistant for the soap opera Guiding Light — which paved the way for a career behind the scenes of television.

While the role of a studio manager or camera assistant may not have the glitz and glamour of working onscreen, it takes creativity and dedication to make sure that the performers are comfortable and recorded doing their best work. Often Smucker needs to find ways to capture shots from unusual angles, which is where his improvisational skills shine. For instance, he created makeshift camera covers out of garbage bags and surgical tape for a ride down the Jurassic Park River Adventure attraction. While he has worked with the Mennonite World Conference, NBC, and New York Fashion Week, his favorite current project is his work with Sesame Street. Hans is married to Kate Umble ‘02, who works as a musician in NY.