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“How do you support your neighbors with the gifts the Lord has bestowed on you? How can I provide those in need with a tool that helps them and these communities?” This is a question that ENANGA FALE asks herself when considering how she can Seek Jesus Wholeheartedly in her work as a Senior Systems Engineering Manager, Global Aerospace STEM Advocate, and New Tech Adopter. “I see engineering as a conduit to bring about positive change,” says Fale.

She is passionate about “creating solutions that connect and protect communities.” To her, technology is a tool that can be used to advance sustainability and access to education, as well as solve “challenging social-systemic problems.” This all connects to her belief that “engineering is a gateway to wholeheartedly exercise the teaching of God.”

Fale attended LM because it was important to her parents that she be exposed to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) taught through Christian values. However, other classes had an impact on her as well. In literature classes she “used media as a vehicle to evaluate culture and its influence on history.” Also, her “art and woodworking classes served as creativity boosters.” These courses together created the education that inspired her future career.

She understands the importance of emphasizing core values both personally and professionally. “When our hearts are centered on our core values, and our ears seek to listen and understand, we can leverage our careers, networks, and influence to drive equitable change that can unlock the gifts of our neighbors.”

She is certainly taking that advice to heart through her involvement in a variety of community service projects related to her field. Fale believes that, “If our intention is to lean forward in understanding, compassion, and transparency – we collectively have an opportunity to actualize LM’s theme of being World Changers.”