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TIM CHARLES ‘98 comes from a long line of family who have been involved with refugee support and resettlement, including grandmother MIRIAM CHARLES ‘44, uncle and aunt JONATHAN ‘70 & RHODA ‘72 CHARLES, and parents DAVID ‘66 & MARTHA ‘68 CHARLES. Their family prioritizes Cultivating Global Citizens by putting a “high value on showing Christ-like love for people regardless of their nationality.”

In his work as an Associate Broker and Realtor with Kingsway Realty, Tim provides his services to refugees interested in home buying. “It takes extra work to help people who are new to U.S. customs, laws, finance, and architecture.  It takes a higher level of service in order to counsel them well.”

“I’m a better Realtor because of my diverse clients.” He feels blessed to have them not just as clients, but also as friends.

This is work he has been called to do, but he may not have found it without Lancaster Mennonite. In his junior year of high school, he participated in a devotional titled ‘What is Enough?’ and the lessons focused on Jesus’ teaching about Consumer Culture. Discussions about the topic influenced his future career path. “Without those instrumental devotions, I would not have gotten a degree in social work and worked as a housing counselor at Tabor Community Services (now Tenfold). That, in turn, pushed me into a career as a real estate agent with a strong value on fiduciary relationships with clients.”


Another impactful memory during his time at LM was taking Lem Metzler’s tech classes and participating in a mini-course called “Shed Building in Philadelphia”, which increased his interest in house construction. He then volunteered with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) for several months putting his construction experience to use. His home buying clients also appreciate his knowledge of construction.

For Tim, Cultivating Global Citizens is about believing that “all people have the intrinsic value of being made in God’s image.” By valuing others through this lens, “interest in the perspectives and cultures of others comes naturally.” It also helps him to excel in his work!

There is a rich cultural diversity in the Lancaster community, which provides many opportunities for new experiences and growth. He encourages the next generation to find ways to interact with people of other cultures, because it is both life giving and what Jesus calls us to do.