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LAURA PAULS-THOMAS ‘13 thinks a lot about how she moves through the world. Mostly she uses a bicycle. Her passion for caring for the environment and stewarding God’s creation is a huge part of this decision, but she also sees it as a way to foster connection and remain present in her community.

Laura Pauls-Thomas '13 presenting

She connects this very clearly to her faith. “Jesus’s life was so centered on connection. He walked with people and talked to them as he passed. He ate with people. Alone in my car, I feel so isolated and disconnected from the land and people around me. Biking and walking create vulnerability and openness that often lead to giving and receiving hospitality as I encounter neighbors along my way.”

Laura serves as the Communications Director for Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC) East Coast region where she connects local people with the global work of MCC. She is also an active member of the Global Shapers Lancaster Hub. Global Shapers is a network of young people seeking to drive dialogue and create positive change in their communities. Through MCC and Global Shapers, Laura has traveled extensively and has developed  world-wide friendships.

“We tend to assume that what we experience is normal for everyone. Global connections remind us that there is a lot we can learn and be transformed by. I’ve learned a lot about approaching differences with curiosity.”

In many ways, her time at LM prepared her for these cross-cultural relationships. She is so thankful for the Spanish classes she took at LM, and her decision to double-major in Spanish and Communications at Eastern University. “Being bilingual opens doors and builds bridges.”

Laura’s commitment to live intentionally, connect globally, and steward God’s creation demonstrates a holistic understanding of LM’s core value of Global Citizenship.