troy hurst in construction area with quote from article feature


From as  early as he can remember, TROY HURST ‘96, LM’s System Plant Manager, has enjoyed tinkering and working with his hands. Because of this, he loved small engines, welding, woodworking, architectural design, agriculture, and gym classes at LM. Under the influence of teachers like Lem Metzler, ADEN STOLTZFUS ‘76, Vernon Rice, and GEOFF GROFF ‘78, Troy decided to pursue a career in construction. “My father was a realtor, so I had some experience repairing homes, but it was during my time at LM that I developed a love for the construction trade,” he explains. After he graduated from LM, Troy worked in construction, including a stint with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS). He believes that all of these experiences prepared him for his current role – “Working with expert electricians at MDS taught me about the electric trade, and this is useful for my work at LM.”

Troy is quiet and humble, and is usually a man of few words. However, when he starts to talk about LM’s unification project, his excitement is palpable and the words rush out: “I really enjoy the building process, and for the unification project, I have oversight for the remodeling of existing buildings. It is a lot more efficient to have everyone at one campus and to see the buildings used to their capacity – to see our amazing students all together.” He is especially excited about the people that he gets to partner with to accomplish this important work. Troy and his small but highly efficient team embody LM’s belief that ‘when we work together, the future is bright.’ He says, “We have gotten a lot done for our size, and this is a credit to all the guys I work with. It is not hard to lead when you have good people.” Troy has learned a lot from working with Herb Kraybill and RYAN ROHRER ‘95, both of whom have decades of experience at LM. The team’s partnerships with other members of the LM community will also play an important role in making the unification project a success. Businesses affiliated with LM alumni and/or alumni parents are responsible for key aspects of the remodeling process at the Lancaster campus. These include B.R. Kreider & Son (BRENT KREIDER ‘91), Cornerstone Design – Architects (Dale Yoder & sons JOSH YODER ‘04, BEN YODER ‘10), Cornerstone Drywall (Greg Reinhart), Haller Enterprises (ALEX MAST ‘93), and Steller Painting (PHIL WEAVER ‘81).

With construction underway at the Lancaster campus, Troy enthuses, “There are some areas that people will not recognize – so many things are going to be changing. The classroom areas are changing significantly in a way that is best adapted to the new needs for teaching and learning. I am excited about the unification!”