VIDEO: Hear from Delaney Lewis, a 2nd grader at the Locust Grove campus sharing what she loves about Lancaster Mennonite School, and her plans for the future.

“I want to be an artist, librarian, scientist, and just a person that is caring and sharing, and that wants to tell the world to just follow your heart.”
– Delaney Lewis, Locust Grove Campus 2nd Grader
Students at Lancaster Mennonite School, like Delaney Lewis, a second grader at our Locust Grove campus, are growing in a supportive, Christ-centered community with teachers who provide them with a strong academic foundation, while building their emotional well-being and problem-solving skills. Because of this, LM students are empowered for our future!
When we Give Together For Our Future, we are equipping students like Delaney to change our world! Stay tuned for more ways you can help provide quality education and equip the next generation on November 20, ExtraOrdinary Give day in Lancaster!