School Counseling

To supplement the staff, Intermediate Unit 13 provides a remedial reading and math specialist, a speech therapist and a school counselor on the Kraybill Campus. Students meet with these skilled professionals in modern, attractive offices within the main building.

Learning Support

LM offers services to help students who learn differently realize their full academic potential. The staff in the Learning Support program works with students in a holistic way that enables them to grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically.

The Learning Support staff works with parents and teachers to help students who might otherwise find it difficult to participate in the general education curriculum, providing resources to achieve academic success in the classroom. The Learning Support program may include students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

LM seeks to ensure students are included and successful in their classes to the fullest extent that they are able. The Learning Support staff work with teachers to facilitate accommodations and differentiation of instruction. Accommodations and support are provided through an individualized academic plan for students who demonstrate the need for one. Federal and state guidelines are useful to design a plan; however, LM is an independent school and can develop plans tailored to students without the restrictions and requirements of strictly following government mandates.

Circle of Grace

Out of concern for all God’s people, Lancaster Mennonite School has a program for the safe environment education of children and young people called Circle of Grace. It is meant to supplement and be integrated into our current faith-based curricula to equip our children and young people by arming them with essential knowledge and skills grounded in Christian faith. This program helps children and young people to understand their own (and other’s) dignity in mind, body and spirit.